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Prospective Member Information

Honorable Order Blue Goose, International


From:  Most Loyal Gander Kobylk



We would like you to join our Association.  Here is some information to encourage you to consider us.  When you are ready to join, just complete the Membership Application here on our website: ( and send us a check payable to Blue Goose for $80.00 ($30.00 Initiation Fee and $50.00 Annual Dues) to Marylyn Graham at 2718 Nob Hill N., Seattle, WA 98109.            


The Honorable Order of Blue Goose, International started in 1906, with the Seattle chapter (Pond) joining in 1927.  The Seattle Pond has about 90 men and women members representing all facets of the industry, agents, adjusters, underwriters, attorneys and service providers.  Our meetings will be primarily on the second Tuesday (except a Friday in December) in the evening with dinner (under $25).  Meetings are held in the Lake City area, are usually over by 8:30, and are very informal.  We follow Robert’s Rules of Order, but in a relaxed, friendly way.   We have outside speakers on various topics of interest to our members and it’s a great way to relax with people of similar interests and knowledge.


We have golf tournaments twice a year with the British Columbia Pond.  One tournament is held in our area in May, the other is held in the Vancouver, Canada area in September. While guests are always welcome, we especially encourage members to bring a spouse or guest to our December Christmas party.  We ask members to bring food and toys for those in need.


Our object is promotion of charity, good fellowship and acts of benevolence among its members.  To follow our objective of charity we have a monthly raffle, with Ganders donating the prizes.  Members also bring books (hard & soft cover) to be sold for 50 cents each.  Proceeds raised from both are set aside for charity, with the total being distributed to charities selected and voted on by members at the June meeting.   We also apply to our National headquarters for their matching charity grant of $100 annually.   Look for our name on the contributor’s stone on the Fallen Firefighters’ Memorial in Pioneer Square.  We raised over $5,000 toward the installation of this memorial. 


Our dues are $50 annually.  The initiation cost is approximately $70, this includes the $50 annual dues, club pin, name badge and the cost of dinner at your initiation (dinner cost may change & is reason for approx.). 


This is a time of change and challenge in the industry and we offer a nice relaxed, early evening dinner meeting to visit with friends that have shared interests.  We have activities, but do not burden our members with busy work.  No meetings are held in July or August.


Please consider becoming a member.  Come to a meeting and become acquainted with us or just complete the application and submit it with your initiation fees.


If you have any questions just call our Wielder (secretary) Marylyn Graham, at (206) 273 7192 or better yet just send in your application(s) and check.  We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our meetings or social events.


For reservations (bring a friend) call me at 425-0355-04169 or email me @ if you would like to attend a future meeting.


Most Loyal Gander

Dick Kobylk